ISSUE #132

Port Rouge

Randomly browsing the web often ends up with nice discoveries. If you’ve been lucky enough, you may have already crossed Port Rouge’s path. If not, let us introduce you to this talented 21 years old swedish dude who makes sweet, clean and suttle deep music.

The art of housing

The art of making house music isn’t about doing more. What you ultimatly try to achieve when doing such music is to create a vivid and immersive unique atmosphere. Each track is a cocktail where each ingredient must be chosen with care and dosed with precision. In this process, simplicity is both your best friend and enemy. So, please, onboard into our magical trip to a new music experience with Port Rouge.

Enjoy Port Rouge morning selection

Minnie Ripperton - Only When I’m Dreaming (Jurny edit)

This edit by Jurny of an old Minnie Ripperton song from 1970 is simply amazing. I find myself just drifting away while listening to these smooth and dreamy sounds. A really great edit of an old classic.

Jesper Ryom - Ghostly

If you haven’t heard of Jesper Ryom yet, you should definetely check him out. This is a really nice and energetic track with a simply beautiful sax sample. One of my favorite tracks from last year.

Playmodul - Null Vier B

Just imagine yourself driving on an endless, empty road in the middle of the night listening to this. Close your eyes and enjoy this beautiful tune.

That’s all folks! A big thank to Port Rouge for their selection. Thanks for listening. Enjoy your sunday!


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