ISSUE #134

Catching Flies

This morning, we’re going to remind you that sometimes it’s important to swap your coffee with a beer ! Go out, buy a ticket for a concert and if you’re lucky enough, you’ll make some cool discoveries as for us with Catching Flies.

From a live session…

We asked few people around us, no one seemed to know him but everyone was looking at each other asking Who’s that guy, that’s sweet !. Peacefully, he did an impressive live. If you come across him, we highly recommend !

… To a morning selection

We thought he would be a perfect guest for a morning selection, hope you’ll enjoy.

Fatima feat. Floating Points - Mind

Wicked track, a perfect start to Sunday mornings. The tune is produced by Floating Points… Floating points & Fatima = Killer combo! Check out the EP he produced for her called Follow You.

Gap Mangione - Diana In The Autumn Wind

I love this tune. Nice and mellow for Sundays - those rhodes! This tune was sampled by J Dilla on Fall in Love by Slum Village - so I’d probably listen to that next!

Grandbrothers - Ezra Was Right

I love this tune, probably my favourite at the moment. Nice and mellow for Sundays… and the way it builds!! Just wait…

That’s all folks! A big thank to Catching Flies for his selection. Thanks for listening and enjoy your sunday!


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