Kid Francescoli

This morning, our playlist curated with Kid Francescoli is like a perennial river as it is meant to flow round the clock. The first track serves as a point of origin with the second track tuning in to help determine its course. And as soon as Whitey’s Made in the night tunes in, the river changes its course in a very sinister yet playful way. But then, gradually gravitates towards its primal state—which is where “Blow up” by Francescoli unfurls its mystery. And keeps the playlist flowing until it immerses in the ocean.

About the Kid…

Our artist of the week, is a producer and musician from Marseille. He has been widely associated with bringing out some of the best electro-pop into the electronic music scene. Today on Mailtape, here’s your turn to listen to a mysterious hit single called, “blow up”—brought to you by the one and only Kid Francescoli. Discover his new album “With Julia”.

Kid Francescoli’s morning inspiration

Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros - 40 Day Dream (Turbotito Remix)

Kid Francescoli: For sunny and happy sundays. It instantly makes me wanna get out of bed and start planning a lot of things to have fun all through the day. Be careful at what you play right after because it might ruin this positive feeling.

KZA - Vous Dansez

Kid Francescoli: It goes perfectly with the well-known sunday melancoly. It’s very cinematographic and a little groovy, which is all I would like to do with music. It has this power to put you in another world, where you can stay all sunday long if you play this loop song on loop.

Whitey - Made Of Night

Kid Francescoli: Whitey singing is as lazy as a sunday can be, when you just have enough energy to get up, put some music and go back to bed. Plus it’s the perfect mix between old-school songwriting and modern sound

That’s all folks! A big thank to our guest Kid Francescoli and his great morning selection. Written by Siddhartha. Enjoy your sunday.

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