This morning, we are diving into Rock with H-Burns. The thing about rock is that it has so many variations. There’s acoustic — the likes of which have been dubbed as rock; then there’s soft, not to mention indie and post and so on and so forth. Today’s episode is somewhere along the lines of rock and its independent counterparts. It consists of slow melodies and rich acoustics—with catchy guitar riffs—all beautifully crafted to fill your soul.

Born in the USA

Have you heard of H-Burns? A french singer-songwriter whose single, Nowhere to be, makes you want to jive? Whose voice reminisces the sound of Bruce Springsteen and his eternal hits. If not, then you need not to wonder as our episode has been fashioned with the help of our pick of the week, H-Burns. So go ahead and listen to his new album Night Moves, it’s a delight.

H-Burns’ morning inspiration

Troy Von Balthazar - Dots and Hearts

H-Burns: Troy sang on Night Moves and the young woman who sings with him on this song is a great friend of mine - we come from the same city. It’s a beautiful gem of eternal pop, a lovely pair.

Syd Matters - Obstacles

H-Burns: They are my blood brothers, my mystical faction. This song is a piece that I could qualify as “classic” as it makes time pass and it ages so well. Incredibely etheral.

Bertrand Belin - Hypernuit

H-Burns: “Celui-là même qui se souvient d’un jour derrière, bien enfui, bien qu’enfui, il n’a rien oublié du jour entre tous cruel du bout duquel il a vu sa maison brûler.” Everything is said. How beautiful!

That’s all folks! A great thanks to H-Burns for his amazing morning selection. Enjoy your sunday and go follow Sidd’ who wrote the inspiring text of today’s episode.

Humans behind this episode #179 🤗

Curator: Louise
Writer: ImaCrea
Illustrator: Camille Célestin

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