This morning, wake up with Lockhart’s vibrant selection and enjoy a great soundscape where pop and electronic will have you feeling like you can take on the world.

Sous le soleil exactement

Lockhart is the solo project of Nico Lockhart; a jack-of-all-trades french producer who has worked with several other artists and projects including writing and producing for Franklin’s last album, remixing Odeï, My Broken Frame, Frank Rabeyrolles, Brigitte (with Cardinale)

By mixing lyrics in french and english, Lockhart is telling us stories with his feet in the sand, “sous le soleil exactement” like Gainsbourg sang… After having released his debut album in March 2014, which was named “Toi”, he went on a solo tour and since then, has been working on a new album to be released soon and is now playing live with a trio.

Lockhart’s morning inspiration

Jorge Elbrecht Feat. Ariel Pink - No Real Friend

Lockhart: Jorge Elbrecht released one of my favourite album of these last years, “Amoral de Violens”. It was beautiful, fine and incredibly efficient. This track reflects his work very well but the presence of Ariel Pink bring this so cool “second degree”… I can’t help but think of Who’s the Boss opening theme when I listen to it and it puts me in a good mood instantly. It goes very well with breakfast in bed…

Paradis - La Ballade de Jim

Lockhart: I heard Paradis for the first time thanks to my brother who sent me “the Ballad of Jim” and “Hemisphere”. It was great to hear “not-so-stupid” french texts on a soft electronic music. “La ballade de Jim” makes me very nostalgic, it instantly brings me back to childhood, at night, sitting in the back seat of my parents’ car, listening to music and struggling not to sleep. As comfortable as pajamas…

Only Real - Cadillac Girl

Lockhart: You put this song in your HiFi thing in the morning and you become a cool guy. It lasts for the day, nothing can stop you, and nothing become a problem. I know very little about Only Real but this track is perfect. This cultivated nonchalance, and the guitar that opens the song… It’s the sun that comes wake you up in person, in the scorching humidity of summer…

That’s all folks! A great thanks to Lockhart for his amazing morning selection. Enjoy your sunday, and be cool!

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