This morning, it’s Shaelone that takes us away with his selection. Shaelone is a French producer from Toulouse. His work in solar and soothing. He seems to really have an artist’s soul. Besides music making in his studio, he seems to enjoy photography and be great at it. Both his music and pictures capture instant memories and will travel many landscapes with you.

Shaelone’s selection

  • John Frusciante - The Will To Death

    Shaelone: I’m a total fan of John. I picked this track because it’s been ten years I listen to it, so everytime it plays a different memory comes back to my mind. This song calms me down, perfect for a Sunday.

  • Flako - With Me Now ft. Dirg Gerner

    Shaelone: His work is unbelievable. The mesektet is my favorite album, but Natureboy has been a peasant surprise. It relies on emptyness, space and nuances. It’s very delicate.

  • Photay - Illusion of Seclusion

    Shaelone: After the week-end, this track helps you to get back to reality, daydreaming the crazy nights and thinking about the people you met.

Mailtape’s selection

  • Shaelone - Nujah

    Louise: Shaelone’s work catch me the first time I listened to it. The track was “Just Solar” and its name echoed in me. Then I took the time to listen to the rest of the tracks and I was caught in its web.

  • Skence - Anna

    Louise: Skence is another French producer that I really appreciate. He has a peculiar touch in his beats. He intertwines a variety of samples, some old French songs and some organic sounds. Anna is the smoothest track, just what you need on a Sunday.

  • Jack J - Something on my mind

    Louise: Risk taking this track. 10 minutes of pure house and groove. The saxophone that comes in, I didn’t see it coming. Something on my mind takes me up, up in the sky.

  • Louise: YUNG BAE still got be with his groovy edits. Also, I love the accents of GoldLink’s rappers/singers so I’m sold.

That’s all Folks! Shout out to Shaelone for his selection and thanks to you for listening and follow us every Sunday morning.

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