Dan Rico

This morning, our guest is a engaged romantic. For now on Dan Rico will be your romantico-punk leader. The Chicago based musician, Dan Rico play all the musical instruments in his first solo album. His music is as smoky as soaked than a late party night in the garage of your parents with a sea view. Dan Rico’s music is a eclectic mix of past and present romantic and lazy rock songs.

Dan Rico’s selection

  • Whitney - No Woman

    Dan: This track struck a strong chord with me the first time I heard it. I love the soothing/ambitious production using horns and strings. Brings to mind reminisces of road lust, wind dancing through fields of corn, reflections against car windows as the night cruises by–Prompts the coexistent feelings- loneliness and independence– inspired by long, weary travels. 

  • Omni - Wire

    Dan: Out of high school I went through an intense Josef K phase. These guys are the answer to my post-punk prayers. Tight, angular guitar riffs interplayed with resolute, methodical bass lines and minimal, groovy drumming. On top of it a nonchalant croon reminiscent of the early days of the Strokes. There’s something almost robotic about the character of this song until it breaks into the disco-punk chorus. And then your heart melts just a little. 

  • NoName - Diddy Bop (ft. Raury &Cam O’bi)

    Dan: This track takes me back to childhood summers in 90’s Chicago. Extended stays with cousins, the “it takes a village” vibe of being raised and growing up. That and you can dance to it. There’s been so much exciting hip hop coming out of Chicago lately and this is just one of many tracks you just hear and suddenly you think “Damn.. so good.

Mailtape’s selection

  • Dan Rico - Soft Feeling

    Maxime: This is the intro of the Dan Rico’s album. It’s a good front door for his music. As a vintage grunge crooners, Rico let us dive in his welcoming universe. “Soft Feeling” is a lazy garage-pop anthem for all the lost romantics, who try to survive in a world that do not like them anymore.

  • Alex Izenberg - Grace

    Maxime: “Grace” is a timeless ballad. It seems to be filtered by the entire twentieth century. This little californian slacker boy remind me Randy Newman. But a melancholy Randy.

  • Chain Wallet - Shade

    Maxime: It getting could out there. This song is the perfect accessory to walk into the freezed air, hands warm in your pocket. Weirdly, this band come from Norway… They know what they talking about. Sometime it’ll look like cold wave, sometimes it definitly is a pure gold-pop song, it depends your mood.

  • Kevin Morby - Beautiful Strangers

    Maxime: This one is a must-listen song. We already know that Kevin Morby is the little prince of american ballad song. This one look like an old and good Bob Dylan song. I assume the comparaison. It’s a strong protest song, but formally soft in the ears. Words of Morby will be stuck in your head for a long time.

That’s all Folks! Thanks to Dan Rico for his selection and thanks to you for listening and follow us every Sunday morning. LOVE !

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