This morning, let the subtlety of this selection pinch you out of numbness. Our guest NUMéROBé has gathered a few tunes to wiggle your spine to. Some artists are there to make you forget while others bring you forward, spinning on a carousel, doubting your fulcrums. This French artist’s music is reminiscent of a projection of lights, circulating around your shadows, reconnecting the dots, you’ll come closer to stillness and enjoy the neutrality.

NUMéROBé’s selection

  • Seekae - Reset Head

    NUMéROBé: I wish I could play this song without getting out of bed, take some time to reset both body and mind.

  • Claude Barbara + coucou chloe - I’ll do anything but break dance for ya darling

    NUMéROBé: A secret cover of a worldwide top hit that everyone sung under the shower on a sunday morning in 2004. Perfect tune to breakdance in the bed with you.

  • Hibou Blaster - Musli

    NUMéROBé: Looks like it’s sunny outside…maybe not. Time to choose if you get up or keep on doing that mattress dance. Best escape for the upcoming monday.

Mailtape’s selection

  • NUMéROBé - Parade

    PSKY: I picked that one for it’s chaotic stillness, gives me a new appetite for doing more with less.

  • Arovane - Tides

    PSKY: Funny enough, I discovered that song while living on a boat. Tides is an incredibly touching song, a pulsating yet passive symphony.

  • Octave Lissner - Wildflower

    PSKY: I listened to this song during my morning run, right at the peak of flow, it’s uplifting and simple yet vibrates something so magical.

  • Afrobombas - De sal e Sol eu sou

    PSKY: The heat of the sun blasting through the speakers, this beat is wicked and chill .

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Curator: PS KY
Writer: PS KY
Illustrator: William Girault

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