ISSUE #240


Here’s a very special surprise for you this Xmas/Hanukkah morning, an all new issue with our dear Fakear. A lot has happened since we featured him 3 years ago in our 116th issue… as he was just releasing his first EP! Now at the forefront of the blooming French electro scene with his very mature, harmonious and unique approach, it is a great pleasure for us to collaborate with him on a brand new issue. Wishing you a beautiful end of the year filled with great music and parties!

Fakear’s selection

  • Odesza - Bloom

    Fakear: To me, they are a big inspiration for live shows. They have the right energy and softness, you can close your eyes or jump around if you want.

  • Gilligan Moss - Choreograph

    Fakear: The first time I listened to them, I reconsidered all my voice samples, and how to put them in my songs. They work on voice in a very unique way. So hypnotic.

  • Bon Iver - 8 (circle)

    Fakear: This song brings me to tears almost every time. What must have happened in someone’s life to write such a beautiful song. Incredible.

Mailtape’s selection

  • Fakear - All of US

    ImaCrea: Extracted from his latest album ‘Vegetal’, this track encompasses all the aspects which define Fakear’s unique music. When some artists of his generation have succumbed to less creativity in order to ease their sudden immense audience, Fakear has clearly gone through some moments of truth in the last year. A great proof of his tenacity which is likely to suprise us next year, I bet, with a new kind of sound with great unexpected collaborations.

  • DJ Krush - 黒い雨 (Black Rain)

    ImaCrea: Only when you think you know it all from him, you discover an hidden gem. There’s always something to learn from the Master, close your eyes and listen carefully.

  • Jay Daniel - Paradise Valley

    ImaCrea: Rising star from Detroit, Jay Daniel’s latest release is pure joy. Makes me think of Flying Lotus’s beginnings. An adventurous and provocative track in the favor of a growing trend which consists to going back to the warm imperfections of human drums compared to the coldness of a drummachine.Funk is back with a vengeance.

  • Ricky Eat Acid - What Changes Could Improve Your Level Of Happiness

    ImaCrea: Meditative track with a great positive energy. In this end of the year, let the rain of thoughts glide on your body and empty your worried head. Visualize 2017, it is going to be extraordinary.

That’s all folks, thanks to Fakear for his new participation and the great people who made it possible. Enjoy your Sunday!


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