Ruby Francis

This morning, we welcome London-based singer/songwriter, Ruby Francis, to collaborate with us on MailTape. Merging R&B, 80s & 90s soundscapes and incorporating traces of soul music, we hope you’re just as taken with her infectious sound as we are!

Her latest cut, Drip Drop, is a swaying, synth key melody that’s enveloped in an old-style R&B chorus where Ruby’s vocal complements the chunky, electronic and dreamy production.

Let’s dig into this R&B vibe!

Ruby Francis’s selection

Solo Smith — Still in Love

Ruby Francis: Randomly found this a few months back, in love with the lo fi production, chord changes and his gorgeous tone.

Lion Babe — Honey Dew

Ruby Francis: I love the colours and textures in this track, it’s so spacey and relaxing

Troy Hudson — Head Over Heels

Ruby Francis: I discovered this song when Troy put it out 3 years ago and I’m still obsessed, those harmonies/ backing vocals have me melting.

MailTape’s selection

Ruby Francis — Fall Asleep

Louise: This track made me fall in love with Ruby Francis. I was listening to Soundcloud, jumping from song to song and she came in like a queen. This R’n’B vibe is all I need to start the day right!

Still Woozy — Goodie Bag

Louise: Warmth is what would define this track for me. I really feel cradle by the sound of Still Woozy’s voice. But Goodie Bag also as some weirdness to it that makes it even more special to me.

WAYI — The Way I Am

Louise: The more I listen to The Way I Am, the more I love it. The message of this song is everything to me.

King Princess — Sunburn

Louise: I wanted to finish this tape with a smooth track. King Princess offers just want I was looking for with this Sunburn. Listening to it makes me want to cuddle myself.

That’s all folks! Thanks for taking the time to listen to this new episode. Thanks to Ruby Francis for her amazing selection, to William for his fabulous illustration and to Sanjay for the writing!

Humans behind this episode #304 🤗

Curator: Louise
Writer: Sanjay Mistry
Illustrator: William Girault

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