This morning, Moodoïd wakes you up with their hot-and-cold selection. Moodoïd is the creation of Pablo Padovani, guitar player in Melody’s Echo Chamber. Moodoïd is modern French psych pop: synths, funky rythm, sensuality, French storytelling lyrics with a strong curated persona. They released Cité Champagne, their new album, a few months ago.

Shades of glittery pink, frosty white and velvety dark purple constitute the colour palette for this episode. Feels like languid dance moves and intense shared gazes from across a dancefloor. The theme is: less-is-more voluptuous music. Enjoy.

Moodoïd’s selection

Le Colisée - Tigre

Moodoïd: David invented Le Colisée. David is wonderful. He is one of my favourite musicians. I was lucky that he accepted to write lyrics for me. You can hear his words in the songs ‘Helena’ or ‘Kasbah’.

Garçon d’Argent - Toi et Moi (démo)

Moodoïd: Florian is Garçon d’Argent. I found this demo on his SoundCloud. Now is not really the season for it as it is quite a Christmas-y song, but I think it portrays him well. He is the most sincere person I met in the music industry. I feel like we can really realise this here.

Nelson Beer - I Am A Woman

Moodoïd: Nelson Beer is starting to release songs under his own name. His body danses and his music grooves. I am sure we will hear a lot about him in the coming months.

MailTape’s selection

Moodoïd - Reptile

Inès: I love Moodoïd. This band exudes exquisite sexiness and makes you feel like you’re the hottest person alive, yet holds place for more sentimental, dreamy and vigorous songs, mixing all of that without ever being over the top. Flirting with tackiness but never crossing the line. Reptile is all of that: intense, dreamy, seductive, fabulous.

Xenoula - Caramello

Inès: A captivating and languid song sung with a high-pitched voice, a bit twisted, both delicate and strong.

The Person - Snail Cafe

Inès: A little simple instrumental track. Very cute and nice. So pure. The musical equivalent of being worry-free.

Anemone - Bout de toi

Inès: Time to wake up. I’ve never been one for uber cheesy songs, but this one is an exception. Almost sounding like a child’s song, it is so innocent, yet so groovy and made for dancing (the bridge!). A super enthusiastic song for a super energetic morning!

That’s it for this morning. Thanks so much for listening and lots of love to Pablo from Moodoïd for his selection, and to Anthony Dujardin for this beautiful illustration! Have a spicy Sunday.

Humans behind this episode #325 🤗

Curator: Inès
Writer: Inès
Illustrator: Anthony Dujardin

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