Enchantée Julia

This morning we are delighted to welcome the French singer Enchantée Julia to MailTape.

I discovered her a few months ago. It was the end of Summer, Paris was still warm and welcoming. I went to an event by the river where some artists were playing on a barge. Enchantée Julia was one of those artists, and her flow captivated me.

Enchantée Julia’s selection

Triplego – Cali (feat Prince Waly)

Echantée Julia: This song is a collaboration made in Montreuil : “Montreuil c’est Cali”. I like the vaporous, the misty aspect of the track. Triplego’s chorus is as catchy as usual, Prince Waly’s voice imperturbable. It’s a journey between California and Paris suburb !

Terrenoire – Le Silence

Enchantée Julia: We change direction : Terrenoire near Saint Etienne, two souls, two brothers, two wonders searching for the Black Paradiso. Raphael’s voice is transcendent, Theo’s production is stunning. I travel, I can only listen to the track until the end and then play it again!

Saintard – Summertime

Enchantée Julia: Now we are back to California, with Saintard, the king of groove. Some nostalgia from the nineties, I like it ! I am a big FAN

MailTape’s selection

Enchantée Julia – 45 tours (feat Prince Waly)

Manon: We enter now a vintage and cozy atmosphere.. Combining a dreamy melody and smooth voices, Enchantée Julia and Prince Waly picture us their both modern and old school love story.

Moussa – Cabrioli

Manon: Another love story, more frenetic, disruptive. “Rappelle-moi sur quel pied je danse”, says Moussa, as he looses control.


Manon: Inspiring and powerful, IAMDDB will hypnotize you with her flow and her melancholic vibes.

LXTR – WWL (feat. CARME)

Manon: Some sweetness to end this playlist, like a square of chocolate at the end of the meal…

That’s it for this morning. Thank you so much for listening. Much love and respect to Enchantée Julia for her Sunday selection, and to William for this episode’s cool illustration.

Humans behind this episode #335 🤗

Curator: Manon
Writer: Manon
Illustrator: William Girault

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