Cam Maclean

This morning, we are embarking on a year filled with joy, love and surprises. It shall also astonish us with many musical discoveries and auditory newness. Our journey, headed by captain Cam Maclean, promises a Sunday filled with hope and sweetness.
As an indie pop lover, this Montreal singer’s melancholia, who is also the other half of the duo Vesuvio Solo quickly captivated my attention with his enlightened musical ballades and eighties like resonance.

Cam Maclean’s selection

Cadence Weapon - Five Roses feat Blue Hawaii

Cam Maclean: This song by my friend Cadence Weapon is the most mellow track from the self-titled record he released this year, and great for Sunday morning listening. It is, among other things, a tribute to other artists like him who are originally from Alberta but who became integral parts of the music scene in Montreal. It features a stunning vocal performance by Raphaelle from Blue Hawaii (herself an Alberta expat in Montreal). My own Montreal neighbourhood of Outremont is also referenced here.

Jessica Pratt - Moon Dude

Cam Maclean: I’ve always been into folk and acoustic music that’s eccentric in terms of production and performance, and in particular that is centred around a strange or unique vocal. I think Jessica Pratt is of the tradition of singers like John Jacob Niles and Karen Dalton whose unique voices helped expand simple acoustic songs far beyond their cores. Moon Dude really showcases the unique timbre of J.P.’s voice, as well as her strange delivery.

Bonny Doon - I am Here (I am alive)

Cam Maclean: I have been into this band since sharing the stage with them in Detroit in 2015 when I was touring with Vesuvio Solo. This song has a kind of nihilistic resignation, but with a certain humour I like that comes through in lines like, “smoke from palo santo and sage, is this the new age or am I too late?” I have been on an alt-country kick lately, and this one has been on repeat for the past while.

MailTape’s selection

Cam Maclean - Sunshine

Anaïs G: As I listened to the album “Wait for Love”, I was pleasantly surprised by the voice of Cam Maclean. But it is that particular song that was and still remains the brightness of all lights on the darkest of all days.

Belmont Witch - Romperlo

Anaïs G: Experimental pop, intimate ambiance, social claims, this mystical Parisian group lead by a young Mexican woman named Michèle, possesses all the elements to reminisce your adolescent memories.

Westerman - Outside Sublime

Anaïs G: There are some songs you just can’t live without, the ones you can listen to endlessly, those who never grow old. This young London native has grasped the concept perfectly, creating a flamboyant and warming pop music experience.

Connan Mockasin - Momo’s feat James Blake

Anaïs G: A magnificent grand finale with these two amazing artists: Connan Mockasin’s extravagance melting with the softness of James Blake. A successful mix that will sting you with tenderness within seconds

That’s all folks, thanks for listening ! A special thanks to Cam Maclean for being our guest this morning, to Phyllis for the translation and to Camille Célestin for this episode’s gorgeous illustration. Have a sweet Sunday !

Humans behind this episode #339 🤗

Curator: Anaïs G
Writer: Anaïs G
Illustrator: Camille Célestin

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