This morning, you already sigh at the idea of putting a toe out of your bed or maybe you do not find the motivation to go to church or doing your jogg. With Iogi we have found the solution to brighten your day.

Young musician and producer from Tel Aviv, Iogi takes us to his world where everyone is peace and where the music psyche and slowly is queen.

Iogi’s selection

Jonti - Batmilk

Iogi: This song used to be my alarm clock. It has the most beautiful melodic lines and the perfect vibe for every hour, but especially for the moment you open your eyes in the morning. I know what they say about putting a song you love as your alarm clock and then not wanting to hear it ever again - well, that is just not the case.

Super Furry Animals - The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Iogi: I just LOVE this band. There is a simplicity and delicate beauty to their amazing pop songs, especially in this album - “Hey Venus!”. It was pretty hard to choose a favourite song out of it. Time goes by and i still adore it.

Tigris - Tigris

Iogi: A group of amazing musicians from Tel Aviv that make a beautiful mix of african and pop instrumental music. There is plenty of humor in their tunes, which i love, and their shows are fantastic!

MailTape’s selection

Iogi - Magic Trick

Anaïs G: There are sometimes songs that pass and others that remain … “Magic Trick”, is part of it and it remains one of my most beautiful musical discoveries in 2018. When his album “The Ceiling”, output last year on the Raw Tapes label, it’s like the cloud of milk you put in your morning cup of coffee. Just perfect !

Klaus Johann Grobe - Siesht Du Mich Noch ?

Anaïs G: When Sevi Landolt and Daniel Bachmann, from the group Klaus Johann Grobe, make you love German to the point of finding the language sexy. Validated experience and maxi heart to his mutans of music.

Pitou - Be Delicate

Anaïs G: Subtle and gentle, Pitou’s music is a feather that slides on the skin, it is beautiful and touching. Sometimes mysterious and fragile, she keeps this warmth and soothing that caresses our ears to infinity.

Nana Adjoa - Dooa

Anaïs G: Cosy atmosphere, intimist almost melancholy, transports us through the neo-soul musical landscape where the voice of Nana Adjoa resonates with power and sensuality.

That’s it for this morning. Thank you so much for listening. Much love and respect to Iogi for her Sunday selection, and to Pierre-Julien Fieux for this episode’s cool illustration.

Humans behind this episode #341 🤗

Curator: Anaïs G
Writer: Anaïs G
Illustrator: Pierre-Julien Fieux

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