This morning, let’s discover OH MU’s banging selection. OH MU is Estelle Marchi, a Swiss artist based in Paris. Producing electronic music, they are an all-round artist that also does illustrations and comics.

OH MU’s music is like their selection: intense, emotional, strong. So gather round, take some energy, but don’t worry, there will be enough for everybody.

OH MU’s selection

EleaBraaz - Lobotomie

OH MU: I found this track by accident, and I found it super atypical, it gave me a lot of energy in the morning for months.

Fishbach - Night Bird (Petit Monstre)

OH MU: It is because it is the first track/cover I have discovered from her 3 years ago, and I used to listen to it on repeat. At that time, I wished her career would take off, which happened 2 years later.


OH MU: I love his rap and futuristic prods, and the fact that he talks about science fiction and reincarnation in his lyrics.

MailTape’s selection

OH MU - La Nuit en Matin

Inès: I am so happy to have OH MU as a guest this morning. When I started listening to OH MU’s music, I also dove right into their illustrations at the same moment, reading their blogs and comics and connected with some of the content. It feels that they acquired so much strength between each EP, and I love how angry the most recent one is, especially this song, which is why I have chosen it. OH MU’s music makes me feel strong. And reminds me that there is strength in vulnerability.

Simo Soo - Klaus

Inès: This one has been sitting for a while in my music! I did not think I would be ever part of an episode but here we go. I think it carries the same energy as Wit.’s track: acid, fast, angry-ish, futuristic. Super hyper track to start the morning at full speed.

Claude Violante - Like That

Inès: A banger. Super efficient from the start. Swaying rythm, kind of a summery vibe to bring some warmth to this morning.

OMMA - Squid

Inès: Okay so same vibe here. A warm-and-cold, hypnotic track. Almost tropical. Also catches you right away. A bit more chill to rest a little while, because Sundays are also made to relax, my friends.

That’s it for this morning! Thank you so much for listening. Lots of love to OH MU for their Sunday selection, and to Pierre-Julien Fieux for this episode’s super nice illustration!

Humans behind this episode #345 🤗

Curator: Inès
Writer: Inès
Illustrator: Pierre-Julien Fieux

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