This morning, everything is closed: apartment, job, family, friends, boyfriend and cat or dog, to go on an adventure, meet new territories and new cultures. This morning, many horizons open up to us in the company of Nära, filled with hopes and demands, but above all with love and sharing.

«Music to see, to rise, to hear. Music to love, to live and to feel. Music to open your eyes». These are the words of the Nära group, as a realisation of the world around us, they enchant us with their subtle and powerful pop-oriental.

Nära’s selection

Tamino - Habibi

Nära: Soft and deep, this track stuns us everytime. Sunday morning at the break of dawn, with a delightful coffe, you will be rocked by this wonderful voice.

Orange Blossom - Maria

Nära: This duo always surprises us. This time they went to Egypt to offer us a music that mixes Pink Floyd, Oum Khaltoum and Joy Division. We love this refreshing blend of oriental melodies and electronic music.

Fela Kuti - Trouble Sleep Yanga Wake Am

Nära: Known as the Black President, Fela Kuti uses music as weapon against the dictatorship in his country. This is also how we feel music. It’s a powerful way to bring people together. This track gives us the energy to continue our dream : offering people good vibes by mixing different musical cultures.

MailTape’s selection

Nära - Home

Anaïs G: We like to immerse ourselves in this kind of universe, sensations. Like their clip illustrating their music, it is only voluptuous through the air of time, it is beautiful and yet full of interrogation.

Alko B- Elephant in the Room

Anaïs G: Floating in the room, shuddering of pleasure or breathing through my neck, I don’t know…. The music of this singer and musician originally from Beirut is tinted with pastel colors, a decomplexed and free pop, sometimes delicious and sweet but yet full of nostalgia.

Derya Yıldırım & Grup Şimşek - Oy Oy Emine

Anaïs G: What touched me through this song is the joy that comes out of it and the desire to start dancing from the first notes of music. Some things indescribable, solar, friendly turn towards sharing!

Deena Abdelwhaed - Rabbouni

Anaïs G: Trouble and engaged is the music of this young Tunisian, part of the new Arab club scene. Rest assured, the selected sound is the quietest piece of his album «Khonnar» released last November on the InFiné label. A sweet mix of subtly chosen electronic sounds and traditional, the perfect combo for this ending episode.

That’s it for this morning! Thank you so much for listening. Lots of love to Nära for their Sunday selection, and to Pierre-Julien Fieux for this episode’s super nice illustration!

Humans behind this episode #347 🤗

Curator: Anaïs G
Writer: Anaïs G
Illustrator: Pierre-Julien Fieux

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