This morning, we welcome AMA//MIZU, a fresh and talented band coming from UK with a French DNA. We will have the pleasure to have them with us on our next MailTape Live 3rd edition on April 6th at the Popup… Join us and let’s dance!

Relax and let it flow, electronic waves of a new future are in the air. Catch them, allow yourself to forget old concepts and envision life from a new angle. It can be hard, it is hard, but it is necessary to keep creating and evolve together towards a more peaceful world. As a very wise man said not so long ago… “You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.”

AMA//MIZU’s selection

Alogte Oho and his Sounds of Joy – Mam Yinne Wa

AMA//MIZU: A gem from Ghana, a mix of Ghanaian music, gospel and some kind of 1930’s type of classical arrangement. There’s so much to hear in this track, every listening gets better and I can’t get enough of these beautiful arrangements and rhythms it is so enchanting!

Georgia Anne Muldrow - Husfriend

AMA//MIZU: This is for your Sunday chill . Georgia Anne Muldrow produced by Madlib, two giants colliding on this heavy beat. I absolutely adore Georgia Anne Muldrow’s melodies and phrasing and combined with Madlib’s production it’s just honey for your ears.

Simon Diaz - Tonada de luna llena

AMA//MIZU: This is a track from Venezuelan artist Simon Diaz that I have recently fell in love with. It was recommended to me by Neva, the singer of IUNA NIVA and I haven’t been able to stop listening to it. Everything is perfect in this song, Simon Diaz’s way of enunciating the same verses and his angelic soprano voice, the soft guitar holding this fragile ensemble in its palm. To listen to on full moon Sundays.

MailTape’s selection

AMA//MIZU – Fil De Lune feat. EERA

ImaCrea: I love this classy atmosphere, the production is so crisp. It reminds me of feelings I had when I discovered Bonobo or Nicolas Jaar. I can’t wait to listen more from them.

New Horizon - True Love (Kon Hates edit)

ImaCrea: OK, I know it’s not what you were expecting to listen to after AMA//MIZU, or did you? It’s an instant crush, it’s a call to the Sun and to the upcoming Spring. The horizon looks dark, very dark but if we want to have a chance to make it brighter what we need is energy. And this track has exactly what you need to keep fighting for true love.

Bjarki - ANa5

ImaCrea: What if Boards of Canada and The Cinematic Orchestra had children? Well, Bjarki would be one of them definitely.

Shcaa - An Ungrateful Death

ImaCrea: Always new, always surprising. Being here, now, accepting truly what comes in and out of your body, mind and spirit. There are qualities I’m looking for when I digg for new music and this track blew my mind in a second. This kick, this bass, this mellow jazzy guitar… I can’t resist but dance and let myself go with such vibes.

That’s it for this morning. Tthank you so much for being with us every Sunday, I hope you had as much pleasure, if not more, as me when you discovered this episode. Much respect to AMA//MIZU for his Sunday selections today.

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Curator: ImaCrea
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Illustrator: Pierre-Julien Fieux

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