This morning, we welcome Pléthore, whom we will have the pleasure to hear during our next live event, MailTape Live 3rd edition on April 6th at the Popup. Join us and let’s dance.

Pléthore is a revelation, a musician and an architect in one body, as he himself would say: a meeting between space and sound. Pléhore’s music is both structured and completely unruly. It’s authentic sound will challenge your ability to relate to space. As it cannot be grasped and comprehended, his music is an experience, something that can only be felt, both consciously and unconsciously.

A few of his influences and inspirations are revealed in today’s MailTape. From the many lyrical and instrumental masters of our times, the sounds are grounded. Do not be late for today’s MailTape, I have shared with you some gems from a far away land.

Pléthore’s selection

Grace Jones - Walking in the Rain

Pléthore: Grace Jones, Sly and Robbie, Jean-Paul Goude….. The album “Nightclubbing” is more than fantastic, it is a reference, an inspiration in terms of emotion and musical production. It is a perfect track to hear when returning home late on a Sunday, it will give you strength.

Portishead - All Mine

Pléthore: Portishead is a very meaningful group for Pléthore. It represents the art of sampling. The most well-known track certainly is “Glory Box” (Ike’s rap II d’Isaac Hayes). “All Mine” is also an incredible track as they recorded three coppers used as a sample. This track is divine to start the day.

Gil Scott Heron - Home is where the hatred is

Pléthore: Gil Scott Heron is a poet and a singer who has passed meaningful knowledge to the peers. His place and role in music’s history is often underestimated. This track is luminous and addresses a very delicate topic. Gil Scott Heron’s music is often inspired by the struggles endured, there lies all the beauty in his music and in his personality.

MailTape’s selection

Pléthore - Late

PSKY: This track is very pungent and dynamic. It is both original and clearly authentic. I have listened to it quite often, and it always reveals something new, something I had not noticed or felt the time before.

Just LX - Monday Mornin’

PSKY: I discovered this artist native to the Parisian suburbs just two months ago. Her music is very intriguing and diverse. She raps and also lavishes-out tracks like this one. I fell for Monday Mornin’ on a grey Tuesday afternoon.

Flamingosis - Soledad

PSKY: don’t think I need to say much about this artist. His talent is endless and always moves me, yet gently, to the edge. Soledad is one of his new tracks, always smooth and particularly groovy.

Tonal - Hülshoff, Rheinländer, Reyneke - Plastic Roses!

PSKY: I generally have a few musical obsessions each month. This track has been following me since last summer. It just taps you exactly where it should, always at the right moment, on the right beat. Be patient, and turn up the volume, this song unfolds one rose petal at the time.

That’s it for this morning. Thank you so much for being with us every Sunday, I hope this episode puts a lovely start to your Sunday morning.

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Curator: PS KY
Writer: PS KY
Illustrator: Anthony Dujardin

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