Miel de Montagne

This morning, the atmosphere is light almost aerial, like the whipped cream that is on my boyfriend’s birthday cake. With imagination we could almost find ourselves hovering and swimming inside surrounded by love and voluptuousness. Actually, the universe of our guest this morning, Miel de Montagne, is a bit like this whipped cream, where I enjoy cake.

Miel de Montagneis his stage name so to tell you that he has the right to immediately put water in his mouth. In an instant we have the taste of a rather sweet honey with a touch of character and absurdity, a feeling of well being and an old school visual where Christina Cordula would make a syncope just by seeing the look of the protagonist in question. Miel de Montagne comes from another planet, the planet at all is possible like making “A slow for my dog” where nothing is serious.

Miel de Montagne’s selection

Black Sabbath - Planet Caravan

Miel de Montagne: I was 13, something like that, my skate times listening to heavy guitars. one day my dad came to me and said: go check out Jimi Hendrix but most important go check out Black Sabbath. I loved it, and when I discovered this song I was blown, hopping it will never stop.

Santo & Johnny - Sleep Walk

Miel de Montagne: Early morning cruising, underpants and coffee. I should learn to play this, I don’t know if it’s original stuff or not from Santo & Johnny. The groove is crazy. No-one can « hate » this.

Marc Ayres - Lethal Weapon Theme

Miel de Montagne: Lethal Weapon mamen. Ok, you need the reference here. My flatmate from Le Pays Basque showed me the first and I watched all of them straight away. When the music plays, we get to this guy’s trailer, also wearing underpants hehe. So much style, so much rock, but finally you get to know this guy is depressed…

MailTape’s selection

Miel de Montagne - Ces Rêves

Anaïs G: The synth, the guitar and the soft voice of Miel de Montagne what better to wake up with a smile. With “Ses Rêves”, appearing in his first album released on April 5, he knows how to touch our sentient chord by boring us with love to no longer be in power. A beautiful moment full of poetry and tenderness.

Serge Gainsbourg - Melody Nelson (Molécule Remix)

Anaïs G: A classic from Gainsbourg revisited by [Molécule](https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mol%C3%A9cule_(musicien). The original is already magnificent but this remix is just an ode to man with cabbage head. Molécule has sublime it with elegance and such delicacy that we cannot get tired of it.

Ricky Hollywood - Coule feat Toror Azor

Anaïs G: This song by Ricky Hollywood, the king of chill par excellence, is part of my special playist “Sunday in bed”, so I had to place it in the episode of Miel de Montagne to further intensify the offbeat side of this artist.

Pion - Déluge (Iñigo Montoya Remix)

Anaïs G: To finish this episode, nothing like a musical UFO to perfect this journey. Sometimes provocative in their words and violent in their music, this remix of Pion signed by Iñigo Montoya is beautiful and powerful. An invitation to fight against the demons that we are…

That’s it for this morning. As always thanks so much for listening. Much respect to Miel de Montagne for his Sunday selections today, and to Anthony Dujardin for this episode’s cool illustration.

Humans behind this episode #352 🤗

Curator: Anaïs G
Writer: Anaïs G
Illustrator: Anthony Dujardin

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