This morning, Curses escorts you for a tour of his very own cabaret, where raggedy disco punks meet rock ‘n’ roll bravado. Whomever lurks behind the counter or dances in a dim neon light is strangely welcoming, inviting you to join in on the chant. A night under the most twisted dico-ball there is. And yet, you’ll come back crawling, for the experience left you wanting for more… A blessing in disguise!

Curses is a New York raised, Berlin based artist. If his influences are too vast to be quoted, the sheer range of genres or artists he paid homage to is immense, they are deeply rooted in the 80’s wave era. Whetever it is through remixes of upcoming artists like Lily Haz, collaborations with none other that Correspondant label’s boss - Jennifer Cardini - or simply by way of his productions, his love for the post-punk scene and all its legacy really shines. His recent stint on Dischi Autunno last year with his first full length Romantic Fiction would be a tasteful epitaph… if it weren’t for the fact that punk is not dead! Rather, it proves to be a testament to Curses’ tremendous talent.

Curses’ selection

Jamie Paton - Enhance 224

Curses: Höga Nord is a label mastering the psychedelic and wave tip for me at the moment. This recent Jamie Paton is an absolute slow and swampy heater for the clubs, siren sucker no gimmick, all fire.

Russian Chandeliers - Stay In Seattle (Zombies In Miami Remix)

Curses: This whole package is a very powerful release. Russian Chandeliers are rad, Zombies in Miami are trippy and cool, and this remix rings the life out of the darkest dark electro-acid shadows of the night.

Cabaret Voltaire - Here To Go (Little Dub)

Curses: One of my biggest influences is Cabaret Voltaire. The 1987 album, Code is especially important to me -they were experimenting with drum machines an guitars in a way nobody else really was at the time. When I first heard this I was immediately drawn to the drums and vocal chops. I began searching for more music like it and discovered the whole Belgian New Beat sound which still to this day is a big inspiration in my sound.

MailTape’s selection

Curses - Fortify

Luc: Fortify is a fairly new yet quintessential Curses track. You can find all the elements that define his sound, from the EBM and disco influences, to the snappy bassline. The B-movie samples sitting atop the whole thing, coupled with a tension building break revolving around his synth, create a dancefloor belter prone to make you move even after a tough Saturday night out.

Perel - Alles

Luc: Perel is one of those must-see performers, her hybrid Dj/live sets are not only well-oiled, they are also totally unpredictable and a reflection of her off-kilter stage antics and presence!”

Benedikt Frey - Iaon

Luc: A multifaceted artist active under multiple monikers and bands, capable of delving into slow paced ambient krautrock jams (Voltage) or trippy and minimalistic synth-pop electronics (Init) as well as all-out acid cuts. His presence on the Lumière Noire compilation with the track above is not a fluke, Benedikt Frey shouldn’t fly under anyone’s radar!!

Tuxedomoon – No Tears

Luc: A classic Post-Punk tune, 1978… 40 years and not a single wrinkle. Tuxedomoon are among those lesser known giants with a priceless legacy. An absolute treat.

That’s all for this morning. Thanks to the early risers or late sleepers on this sunday morning! A warm thank you to Curses for his picks, and to Camille Célestin for the ever so great illustration.

Humans behind this episode #354 🤗

Curator: Luc
Writer: Luc
Illustrator: Camille Célestin

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