This morning, congas, percussions and harmonic disco-pop sensibilities, tenderly home-cooked and delivered by Brijean for your greatest awakening.

Brijean is percussionnist Brijean Murphy teaming up with multi-instrumentalist and producer Doug Stuart. Between collaborations with Toro Y Moi, Poolside or U.S. Girls, Murphy found some time to step up on her own and bring her precious congas to the fore. Brijean combines the LA’s Glassell Park-grown artist’s childhood influences of Latin soul and jazz with Stuart’s prolific pop producer and session musician background (Bells Atlas, Meernaa, Luke Temple, Jay Stone).

Brijean’s selection

John Cameron - Liquid Sunshine

Brijean & Doug: This has been the song that plays as Doug’s alarm on his phone. It still hasn’t worn itself out for us, so we figured it would be a good one to start with.

Mi Alma - Olinga

Brijean & Doug: This is a deep cut recording of Brijean’s dad’s band from the 70s (Rereleased in 2014 to CD). The vibes are silky and sunkissed. Perfect for a slow dance around the house.

Kool & The Gang - You Don’t Have to Change

Brijean & Doug: Such a beautiful song with a timeless feel.

MailTape’s selection

Brijean - Meet Me After Dark

Jules: Now that Brijean’s dreamy selection has peacefully woken you up, it’s time for a morning exercise. ‘Meet Me After Dark’, taken from their first EP ‘Walkie Talkie’ released late June, will surely make you move with its elegant back-room disco rythmic.

Channel Tres - Brilliant Nigga

Jules: The Compton-born artist could have stuck to West Coast rap, like many others before him, but his discovery of house music with Moodymann changed everything. On this track, Detroit house flirts with the basement soul of Chicago, under the blessing of Channel’s effortlessly deep voice.

Flying Lotus - Takashi

Jules: The LA-based producer is back with his new album ‘Flamagra’, and I still hasn’t figured out if this experimental jazz trip sounds more like the future of music or some anthem from a different dimension

Serge Gainsbourg - Aux Armes Et Cætera

Jules: It’s Bastille Day today, always a special occasion to listen to the National Anthem of France. No flambloyant military parade on the Champs-Élysées for me, thanks. A quiet and blissful walk in the streets of Paris listening to Serge Gainsbourg’s legendary reggae version of ‘La Marseillaise’ will be much better.

That’s it for this morning! As always thank you so much for listening. Much love and respect to Brijean for their Sunday selections, and to Anthony Dujardin for this stunning illustration.

Humans behind this episode #366 🤗

Curator: Jules
Writer: Jules
Illustrator: Anthony Dujardin

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